Cover Totally Naked Man Book 1.

Totally Naked Man the Webcomic

Orphaned at a young age, Alzheimer Fresco grew in intellect and physical stature until one day he heard the call to justice. With an inheritance of billions, Alzheimer Fresco wages war against the criminals of Rose City as Totally Naked Man.

McSchluberson Cover.


Schlub McSchluberson hates his mindless job so he pursues a career in self-publishing comics. However, McSchluberson finds that the comic world is not as fun as he thought.

Lil Bunny Foo Foo Cover

Lil Bunny Foo Foo

A twisted take on a childhood classic story.
Lil Bunny Foo Foo hates living by a field mouse. But Lil Bunny will find out poor actions have natural consequences.

Naked and The City Cover

Naked Man Comics

Not happy with criminals causing havoc in Rose City, Alzheimer Fresco jumps out of his clothes and on to the streets as Totally Naked Man.

Holly Wood Space Diva Cover

Holly Wood Space Diva

Saving the Universe and making a profit!
Holly Wood is kidnapped from Earth and dropped in a war between the Evil Z’nu Armada and the S’p’r Empire.

Zetaman: The Multiverse Cover


The continued adventures of the Rose City costumed crusader.
Based on the Real Life adventures of Portland, Oregon’s Superhero, Zetaman.

Shinsuke Takahashi Cover

Shinsuke Takahashi

Professional ninja for hire.
Shinsuke Takahashi is hired to steal from professional wrestling. But the buyers may not be legit.

<a href="">Wynonna Whiskey</a>

Wynonna Whiskey

The 90’s are alive and kicking butt in space!
Wynonna Whiskey travels to another planet with horrible results.

<a href="">Man-Man the Barbarian</a>

Man-Man the Barbarian

Tales of the most powerful dude in the galaxy.
Man-Man the Barbarian is evicted. With no money or job, Man-Man struggles to remain Fabulon’s protector.

<a href="">Mythos Novellas</a>

Mythos Novellas

Random mini stories by Illya King.