I’m working on a forked version of Comic Easel.

Comic Easel is a WordPress plugin that creates a custom-type post for comic pages. It is a creation of Philip M. Hofer. Mr. Hofer also created ComicPress, a WP theme combine with the Comic Easel plugin. There are many online comics that use ComicPress. The advantage of using ComicPress is that there is no backend customization. It is out of the box and ready to go. The disadvantage is that ComicPress is not mobile responsive. It is why I prefer to use the Comic Easel plugin and create child themes to change. To use Comic Easel, users have to insert code into their themes. The code is in the back-end coding of the theme.

The other day I received a notification that the plugin is no longer active. I checked out its WordPress.org page and there was this notification-

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

The Comic Easel website was not renewed. The last time Mr. Hofer posted on his website was back in 2019.

I have decided to work on this plugin. This will be a good exercise for me to maintain my education. The code for Comic Easel is sound. There is not a lot to change. I know there is a push for all WordPress themes and plugins to support Gutenberg. I am not skilled enough to change the code to support Gutenberg. With a little research, I am sure I can change Comic Easel to support Gutenberg.

The repository where I have my fork is https://github.com/illyaking/comic-easel-v2.

The Comic Easel V.2 plugin fork has been modified and rebranded as Comix Easel V.2. This change was made to align the plugin to The Comix Scene website.

I eliminated the Buy Now function. There has been many changes in E-Commerce. It is impossible for me at this time to modify the payment structure in this plugin. So I removed it.

I modified the Config page to include a short description, a list of widgets, and short codes. I talked to some comic creators with no knowledge of coding. They were unaware that Comic Easel contains widgets like a custom menu option.

I have no plans of modifying Comix Easel V.2 to work with Gutenberg. The Custom Post Type remains a sufficient method to post comics.


A very nice postcard from A.J. Roberts.

It started with a postcard.

An old friend of mine (A.J. Roberts) sent me a lovely postcard with a nice message. It was great! I wanted to return the favor. I wanted to send my friend a custom Totally Naked Man patch. I have an account on Printful to make patches. But when I logged in, I noticed my account was not connecting to Mythos.

Here is where I blog more about what I thought happened-


I pulled on one thread and discovered I made a total mess of the site. 3 years of using Mythos Imprint to play with Out of the Box plugins really messes with a site’s scheduled task.

This year, for some bizarre reason, has been difficult. My Dad had a medical emergency, my partner has had some medical issues (like breaking her foot). My work schedule has changed. It’s been tough to catch up and do some drawing.

Mythos Imprint is under construction. But I have enough content moved over so some visitors can read comics. I’m going to use The Comix Scene as my in-house magazine. After 3 years, no one is going to join a janky website to host their comics. I have combined The Comix Scene with Mythos. I will be combining more content like my old Zetaman stuff into my new installation. I will also NOT be tricking out my site with plugins (especially since most plugins have a short shelf life).


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broken car
Photo by Dominika Kwiatkowska on Pexels.com

Yes… I destroyed another function of my website. See my other post about what I did wrong.

The Comix Scene has been my attempt at creating a social network for independent creators. I’ve tried multiple applications for over a decade. I incorporated the domain into Mythos earlier this year. I read about a social network program called JCow that seemed promising. I detached The Comix Scene domain from my WP Multisite install and creating its own folder to test the program. JCow free only allows for 5 users for the free package. That didn’t seem to fit with what I want. I tried to reapply The Comix Scene domain to the correct subfolder on Mythos. It did not work. I made multiple attempts with different domains and nothing. I modified the database and double check the .htaccess file. Still nothing.

After some though, I removed the domain. I have never gotten my social network off the ground. I could not replicate the success I had building a social network that I did years ago. With all the social media apps out there, is there really a point anymore? I feel that platforms like Discord are far more effective, and I will not eat up site memory.

I changed The Comix Scene to Mythos Social. I will still blog. I am currently finding inexpensive ways to open the forum and the activity wall to visitors. After 10 years of trying, it is time to call it quits with The Comix Scene. Maybe, at some point, I can turn the domain into a Mastodon server. Or maybe not. Who knows.