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Team Naked needs help supporting Las Vencedoras Group through Kiva.

Kiva is a nonprofit that crowdfund microloans to people worldwide. Kiva helps people pay for tuition, start businesses, and invest in farm equipment. Kiva also provides funds for people needing emergency care.

The Las Vencedoras Group is a small group of people needing supplies for their food stand in Nicaragua.

From Kiva-

Meet The Winners, a communal association of Pro Mujer in Chinandega, Nicaragua. The group is made up of eight members from the Israel community. They are characterized for being organized and punctual. Mislanda Maykelyn (sitting in the blue shirt) is the president, her husband is a baseball player, and they have two children. Her dream is to make her business prosper. She needs this loan to buy flour, oil, sugar, bags, and other supplies for her food stand.

She is grateful for your support to make her business stable and prosperous.

In this group: Rosa De La Concepcion , Zaida Liveth , Maria Del Carmen , Mislanda Maykelyn , Meylyn Lorena , Margarita , Martha Ivania , Cristhiam Noel

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Sarah Edwards

Please consider joining Team Naked in supporting Las Vencedoras

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Team Naked is once again empowering others with Kiva.

Kiva is a 501 non-profit organization that provides microloans to entrepreneurs in poor areas.

Team Naked has chosen 2 groups to help fund. The Dios Proveera Group (  are looking for more supplies to help their food business. Las Sutana Group also need additional supplies for their store as well as to purchase 10 pigs (

Please consider joining Kiva and Team Naked at Team Naked has been a part of Kiva since 2011.