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 Man-Man, by Illya King
Man-Man, by Illya King

I’m working on a new one-shot, Man-Man the Barbarian. The first page drops this Friday at

Readers of Totally Naked Man may remember Man-Man from Naked Man Comics #4 in 2012. In issue 4, Totally Naked Man and his friends were transported to the planet Fabulon, where they met Man-Man. The Yellow Skull, disguised as Turtle-tor, tried to conquer the planet.

Man-Man is a homage or parody of the character He-Man. People who know me know I’m a fan of the old Mattel action figure line and Filmation cartoon. The franchise has had a minor renaissance in recent years. Perhaps it is because old people like me have money to splurge on comics and toys. I’m celebrating my fondness for the property by drawing a parody comic.

I hope this story will get a laugh or two. I love fun lighthearted stories. I’m excited to put my own wacky twist on this old 80’s IP.