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The next Totes the Webcomic story is a homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created one of the few indie comics that is as famous as Marvel and DC comics.

Beneficial Nematodes Cover
A homage to the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic created by Kevin Eastman.

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Shinsuke Takahashi, a hired ninja, operates in a world where comic book assassins often serve as mere cannon fodder for heroes. Unlike his lethal counterparts, Takahashi refrains from taking lives. Instead, he specializes in theft, espionage, and industrial sabotage—all for a price. His journey began in childhood, as he dedicated countless hours to mastering martial arts at McDojos. Interestingly, Takahashi’s true identity is William Alarcon, and he lacks any Japanese heritage. However, his deep love for anime led him to adopt Japanese culture and mannerisms, much to the consternation of his friend and partner, Robert Wheeler, a second-generation Japanese American.

Shinsuke Takahashi, known as “The Rainbow Ninja,” bears an unusual mark—a pair of ‘Rainbow’ tattoos etched on both his arms due to a regrettable mishap. Unlike the typical ninja stereotype, Takahashi’s attire adapts to his surroundings, allowing him to seamlessly blend in. His many uniforms earned him the colorful moniker, reflecting his ability to harmonize with various environments.

However, Takahashi harbors a peculiar penchant for collecting gimmicky tools. Among his acquisitions are “ninja claws,” seemingly impressive yet utterly impractical in the real world. Beyond his covert missions, Takahashi’s personal life reveals a vibrant side—he dons anime-inspired outfits, unapologetically flaunting his love for the animated world. The stage for this intriguing tale is set in the enigmatic Rose City, where Takahashi navigates his adventures without crossing paths with other comic book characters.

Shinsuke Takahashi is the first comic published through Mythos Imprint. It is a one-shot comic with no current plans to expand on the character. It was written and illustrated by Illya King. Colors are by William Rail. The comic is available at the Mythos Imprint store and Comixology.

Wynonna Whiskey
Wynonna Whiskey, by Illya King

Wynonna Whiskey is a 10 page short story written by William Rail and illustrated by Illya King. The story features a space pirate and her sidekick, Scotty the Bear. They attempt to steal back a sacred crystal from an intergalactic mob boss.

I wanted to do a parody/homage of the old MTV Cartoon, Aeon Flux, with a dash of Venture Brothers. -Illya

Mr. Rail joined in to write it. The short story is a test run of a possible future title by Mythos Imprint. It can be views on Mythos’ Novellas section at

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One of my brothers found a few old drawings while cleaning my parent’s garage. There was an early version of Totally Naked Man Red and Blue. The villain was not The Yellow Skull but a techno nerd dude name Zotloar. I don’t know what happened to the other pages.

I don’t remember when I did this. I want to say 1997ish?

An old version of Totally Naked Man Red and Blue.
An old version of Totally Naked Man Red and Blue.

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 Man-Man, by Illya King
Man-Man, by Illya King

I’m working on a new one-shot, Man-Man the Barbarian. The first page drops this Friday at

Readers of Totally Naked Man may remember Man-Man from Naked Man Comics #4 in 2012. In issue 4, Totally Naked Man and his friends were transported to the planet Fabulon, where they met Man-Man. The Yellow Skull, disguised as Turtle-tor, tried to conquer the planet.

Man-Man is a homage or parody of the character He-Man. People who know me know I’m a fan of the old Mattel action figure line and Filmation cartoon. The franchise has had a minor renaissance in recent years. Perhaps it is because old people like me have money to splurge on comics and toys. I’m celebrating my fondness for the property by drawing a parody comic.

I hope this story will get a laugh or two. I love fun lighthearted stories. I’m excited to put my own wacky twist on this old 80’s IP.