March for Babies Poster

Team Naked is raising money for March for Babies!

Team Naked needs help to raise $300 for this year’s March for Babies in Portland, Oregon. We are also looking for walkers to join our team!

Please visit our March for Babies team page at for more information.

For donors, we will be giving you PDF comics and adding you to our Hall of Heroes page on Mythos.

  • For every 2 dollars donated, the donor will receive a PDF issue of Naked Man Comics #1-#6.
  • At 10 dollars, PDF of Naked Man Comics: Naked in the City.
  • After $10, issues #9-#11 as well as Holly Wood: Space Diva, Zetaman: The Multiverse, and Shinsuke Takahashi.
  • After $20, they will receive the entire Naked-Verse catalog and the Schlub.
  • After $30, Illya King will send an 8×10 Totally Naked Man sketch saying “Thank you!”
  • PDFs will be sent through our Mythos Drive account.

On a personal note, I am thankful for the time and opportunity to do fundraisers again. It has been years since I’ve done any fundraising. Your donation will me a lot to me. I missed doing these things and it’ll be nice to know I can still make some contributions. So if you do donate, thank you. I am so appreciative that you’ve read this blog and that you felt compelled to donate.