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Sean Martin, creator of Doc and Raider, passed away on August 3, 2020. He died due to Pancreatic Cancer complications while in hospice.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin of Doc and Raider.

Mr. Martin was an award winning illustrator. His work was featured in many LGBT publications. Doc and Raider , his comic, promoted Safe Sex and AIDS education in Canada. More about Sean Martin can be found on his Wikipedia page at

Sadly, I have never met Mr. Martin. Years ago, I was apart of a indie comic collective called Webcomic Underdogs. We had a comic swap and Mr. Martin was kind enough to illustrate The Schlub. Since then I’ve followed his work on and off. Doc and Raider’s last strip and 5600 comic was posted in July 13 –

I had wish I reached out to him.

Per, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Safe Haven for Cats in his name:


The Schlub b y Sean Martin
The Schlub, by Sean Martin of Doc and Raider.