Wynonna Whiskey

Wynonna Whiskey in Alien Landscape

Wynonna Whiskey is a 10 page short story written by William Rail and illustrated by Illya King. The story features a space pirate and her sidekick, Scotty the Bear. They attempt to steal back a sacred crystal from an intergalactic mob boss.

I wanted to do a parody/homage of the old MTV Cartoon, Aeon Flux, with a dash of Venture Brothers. -Illya

Mr. Rail joined in to write it. The short story is a test run of a possible future title by Mythos Imprint. It can be views on Mythos’ Novellas section at https://mythosimprint.com/novellas/comic/wynonna-whiskey/enter-wynonna-whiskey/

Shinsuke Takahashi

Shinsuke Takahashi, by Illya King
Rainbow Ninja, by Illya King

Shinsuke Takahashi is a ninja for hire. Ninjas in comics assassins which are fighting fodder for heroes. Takahashi doesn’t kill people. He does steal, commit espionage, and industrial sabotage for a price. Since he was a kid, Takahashi invested all his time to learn Martial Arts from McDojos. His real name is William Alarcon and he is NOT of Japanese descent. Takahashi (or Alarcon) grew up watching Anime and is a Japanophile. Shinsuke adopted Japanese culture and mannerisms, much to the chagrin of his friend and partner Robert Wheeler. Wheeler is a second generation Japanese American.

Due to an unfortunate mistake, Takahashi has ‘Rainbow’ tattooed on both his arms. Combine with his many uniforms, he has earned the moniker “The Rainbow Ninja.” Unlike stereotypical ninjas, Shinsuke outfits match his locations- He blends into his environment. But, Takahashi has a bad habit of buying gimmicky tools. For example, Takahashi would buy “ninja claws” which have no real-world applications. In his personal life, the ninja wears anime-inspired outfits. He is flamboyant about his love of Anime. The story takes place in the Rose City, but he has no interaction with other comic characters.

Shinsuke Takahashi is the first comic published through Mythos Imprint. It is a one-shot comic with no current plans to expand on the character. It was written and illustrated by Illya King. Colors are by William Rail. The comic is available at the Mythos Imprint store and Comixology.

Cover to Shinsuke Takahashi
Cover to Shinsuke Takahashi