Rain City Turf War

Rain City Turf War

Spring is a great time to pick up the hottest game around: Comic Wars Trading Card Game! Battle your friends or other combatants and see who is truly the mightiest warrior in all of time and space!

Crow the Vigilante Card

When choosing character cards, you need to think of how you want to play. Character cards like “Crow, the Vigilante” and “Alphaman, the First Superhero” have very similar setups: both are Fighter Character Types and Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Combat Types. These traits normally lead to heavy action card and minimal plot card usages; however, “Crow, the Vigilante” uses a Martial Arts Combat Style which controls the flow of battle by forcing the opponent to discard cards from their hand and inflicting smaller, consistent damage. “Alphaman, the First Superhero” is a much different fighter than that since he uses the Technology Combat Style which utilizes gadgetry to immobilize his opponents. The current Technology cards allow for a more defensive approach with two counter cards and only one action card. With Rain City Volume 1 (RCV1) as the only set out at the moment, characters using the Technology Combat Style will have to resort to other means to combat characters that can use their full potential.

Enraged Plot Card

Some of the top-rated cards that players are using currently include: “Enraged,” “Intimidation,” Run Away,” and “Flash Pellet.” “Enraged” is a great way to get around character card disadvantages such as not being able to use a character card’s full potential. In a nutshell, “Enraged” allows a player to navigate past an opponent’s counter cards by negating the opponent’s counter and doubling the current damage total that the opponent is going to receive. Next is “Intimidation,” which allows a player to force their opponent to discard two cards, of their opponent’s choice, from their hand in response to their opponent using a plot card; what makes these two cards especially awesome is that most of the character cards in RCV1 are Fighter Character Types! Third is the Tactician Character Type plot card, “Run Away,” which allows a player to avoid all damage and end the opponent’s turn if the combined damage total that your opponent is inflicting to your character card is ten or higher. This card is incredibly beneficial to the only two Tactician character cards in RCV1, “Jester, Dance Club Raider” and “Clown Face, Psychopathic Trickster!” Tactician cards in RCV1 generally don’t hit hard, but, as their Character Type suggests, hit strategically; so, its fair to assume that they will most likely rely on plot and counter cards to defeat their opponent and defend against them, which “Run Away” definitely achieves.

Flash Pellet Action Card

Lastly, we have “Flash Pellet” and it is a very powerful card especially when it is perfectly timed and/or used in response to a strategy that requires setup such as “Ambush,” which allows a player using this card’s action cards to inflict additional damage equal to the number of cards in their hand at the time of use. Sadly, this card can only be used currently by “Crow, the Vigilante,” but as more sets come out there are always more chances for another character card that can use this powerful specialty card as well!

Other notable, powerful cards are “Perfect Setup!,” “Tech Staff Master,” “Charging Haymaker,” and “Barrage.”

  • “Perfect Setup!” gives you two choices at the end of your opponent’s turn: draw cards or damage your opponent.
  • “Tech Staff Master” is currently an “Alphaman, the First Superhero” exclusive card. When this card is played in your Action Card Zone it receives three staff charges. When an opponent uses an action card you can remove a staff charge toreduce the damage of that action card to zero. Once all of the staff charges are gone this card is sent to your discard pile.
  • “Charging Haymaker” has the highest potential damage capability out of any card in RCV1 and is exclusive to character cards named “Freak-
    ” This card discards the user’s hand and for each action card discarded this way this card inflicts five damage. Imagine discarding ten or fifteen action cards that way!
  • “Barrage” is a powerful action card that can only be used by character cards that have both CQC Combat Type and Martial Arts Combat Style.
    This action card not only inflicts five damage, but to add insult to injury it can become immune to counter cards by discarding two
    cards from your hand!
Alphaman, the First Superhero Card
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