Heroes versus Villains

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Those that fight for justice square off against villains that desire nothing but world domination or chaos in the newest booster set, S4R v. T.I.C.K. (SRTK), due to release in April 2018!

Much like the previous set, Rain City Volume 1 (RCV1), players have a small variety to choose from in the way of Character Type, Combat Type, and Combat Style; however, there is a huge assortment of character cards in SRTKand even some of them have abilities! Characters like “Frogboy, Jumping for Joy” and “Metal-Man, Anarchistic Villain,” can turn the battle in their favor from the start or even during their opponent’s turn! They aren’t the only character cards with abilities either, but they are definitely notable! “Frogboy, Jumping for Joy” allows players to pay ten hitpoints to search for a “Stance” and a “Footwork” card and add them to their hand instead of drawing two cards from the top of their deck. Not to mention he has five strength, so laying the smackdown comes easily and swiftly with this character. “Metal-Man, Anarchistic Villain” allows for a horrifying victory by making the opponent destroy themselves: anytime your opponent uses plot or specialty cards they have to discard a card from their hand or take five damage! While each of these characters are powerful, they still have glaring weaknesses possibly even more so than any other character this far! “Frogboy, Jumping for Joy” is very reliant on Action and Counter cards to be effective and his effect damages him if the player decides to use it, but the biggest weakness is the amount of Plot and Specialty cards that he can use. “Metal-Man, Anarchistic Villain” has quite a few weaknesses with his low hitpoints being the biggest, but this character is basically a Counter and Plot card user almost exclusively because of low strength and endurance stats. If players focus on hitting hard and can keep the flow of damage consistent enough, these characters can befelled easily.

Promethus, The Comic Wars Gatekeeper

If you thought the characters we just showed off were awesome, let’s move on to some even more powerful cards! Take “Hunger Strikes,” for instance, directly after your opponent draws from their deck during their Draw Step, if they have three or fewer cards in their hand, their turn ends! It’s an easy way to shut them down for a turn, but that just means they will have to try again on their next turn to begin their assault. If a player uses this card in conjunction with “Crime Wave” from RCV1 and the Clown Face Loot Pack, after they’ve exhausted their hand on their own turn, they can refill their hand to continue the beatdown!

Another facinating card coming in this set is “’Recycling Center” which allows a player to perform adeck recycle for free as long as they have at least twenty cards in their discard pile. It’s a great boost for Technology character cards especially since it can be paired with five different characters from SRTK and three from RCV1. Characters such as “Clown Face, Psychopathic Trickster gain a huge advantage from this since he is a huge ”Tripwire Trap” user!

This set is also adding two new fighting styles to the Comic Wars Trading Card Game: Capoeira and Wrestling. Capoeira is introduced using a new type of Action card called an Action Chain. The initial Action card, that can start an Action Chain, is the only card counted towards the Action card limit which is determined by the player’s character card’s strength stat, until the Action Chain is broken by reducing the Action Chain damage total to zero in which the player can start a new chain or continue with a strategy. This style of gameplay is amplified when using the new “Stance” and “Footwork” cards by adding different effects when Action Chains are used by a player. As we mentioned earlier, “Frogboy, Jumping for Joy” has an ability that allows him to search these cards out by paying some hitpoints which in essence could make this the best character for this fightinng style! On the flip side, wrestling focuses on Action card combination and luring your opponent into countering your cards which allow for even greater exploitation of the opponent through increased damage, discard effects, etc.

Other notable cards to check out, when the set drops, include: “Asfixiante,” “Cannonball Senton,” “Check Hook,” “Doctor Fly, Maggot Enthusiast,” “Neuro Cyphex, Human?,” and “Trapping Headbutts.” These are only a taste of what’s to come, too! This set will also have two starter decks which will release at the same time as this booster set and two smaller sets, like the “Clown Face Loot Pack,” will release in May 2018.

We hope to see you at an Official Comic Wars TCG store pre-release in April!