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Hello World,

It's a new year and it's time for some new Totally Naked Man and The Schlub stories! 

First… yes… I've changed my comic name again. It's just… easier to call my comics Illya King Comics than explaining what NMC comics mean. It is definitely better than "Naked Man Comics" which gives me more problems than it should. 

Second… I've teamed up with my friend Will to form Mythos Imprint. We're creating our own small press company/magazine. We want to combine our love of comics and games into one publication. Our deadline to create our first magazine, Mythos, is in March. Mythos will feature Shinsuke Takahashi and Naked Man Comics #10. It'll also have info on Card Wars, a card game where indie comic creators can have their characters battle other indie characters. It's a unique game and I hope it takes off. We'll also try to get an interview or two as well. This will be a quarterly publication.

The first Schlub of the new year will be posted this Wednesday at Friday, a new Totes the Webcomic page will be posted at

Here's to 2018! I hope it'll be a great year for comics! 


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