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Team Naked is raising money for March for Babies!

Team Naked needs help to raise $300 for this year’s March for Babies in Portland, Oregon. We are also looking for walkers to join our team!

Please visit our March for Babies team page at for more information.

For donors, we will be giving you PDF comics and adding you to our Hall of Heroes page on Mythos.

  • For every 2 dollars donated, the donor will receive a PDF issue of Naked Man Comics #1-#6.
  • At 10 dollars, PDF of Naked Man Comics: Naked in the City.
  • After $10, issues #9-#11 as well as Holly Wood: Space Diva, Zetaman: The Multiverse, and Shinsuke Takahashi.
  • After $20, they will receive the entire Naked-Verse catalog and the Schlub.
  • After $30, Illya King will send an 8×10 Totally Naked Man sketch saying “Thank you!”
  • PDFs will be sent through our Mythos Drive account.

On a personal note, I am thankful for the time and opportunity to do fundraisers again. It has been years since I’ve done any fundraising. Your donation will me a lot to me. I missed doing these things and it’ll be nice to know I can still make some contributions. So if you do donate, thank you. I am so appreciative that you’ve read this blog and that you felt compelled to donate.


Team Naked is 1/3 of the way of our goal of $300! Please consider donating to Team Naked at We have 44 days left until the big walk on April 25.

Team Naked is also looking for walkers to join us! To register, visit our team page at and join our Portland Oregon team!

As a thank you, we will be sending you PDFs of our comics. So please donate and help Team Naked help babies in the Portland Metro Area.

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Team Naked needs help supporting Las Vencedoras Group through Kiva.

Kiva is a nonprofit that crowdfund microloans to people worldwide. Kiva helps people pay for tuition, start businesses, and invest in farm equipment. Kiva also provides funds for people needing emergency care.

The Las Vencedoras Group is a small group of people needing supplies for their food stand in Nicaragua.

From Kiva-

Meet The Winners, a communal association of Pro Mujer in Chinandega, Nicaragua. The group is made up of eight members from the Israel community. They are characterized for being organized and punctual. Mislanda Maykelyn (sitting in the blue shirt) is the president, her husband is a baseball player, and they have two children. Her dream is to make her business prosper. She needs this loan to buy flour, oil, sugar, bags, and other supplies for her food stand.

She is grateful for your support to make her business stable and prosperous.

In this group: Rosa De La Concepcion , Zaida Liveth , Maria Del Carmen , Mislanda Maykelyn , Meylyn Lorena , Margarita , Martha Ivania , Cristhiam Noel

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Sarah Edwards

Please consider joining Team Naked in supporting Las Vencedoras

Team Naked is supporting a new person via, Aminata.

Here is Aminata’s story

Greetings from Sierra Leone!

This is 49-year-old Aminata from the Kissy branch. She is a married businesswoman with five children between the ages of 10 and 25 years. Three are currently attending school.

Aminata runs a retail business and sells fast food to her customers around the community. She started this business to support her family. She has been in this business for the past 22 years. Aminata says that she has no challenges.

She requested this loan through BRAC Sierra Leone to purchase more fast foods to increase her business. Aminata says that the extra income from this loan will help to take care of her family. In the future, she would like to expand to a large scale. She says thanks to BRAC and KIVA for their support.

Join Team Naked’s team at

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Team Naked is once again empowering others with Kiva.

Kiva is a 501 non-profit organization that provides microloans to entrepreneurs in poor areas.

Team Naked has chosen 2 groups to help fund. The Dios Proveera Group (  are looking for more supplies to help their food business. Las Sutana Group also need additional supplies for their store as well as to purchase 10 pigs (

Please consider joining Kiva and Team Naked at Team Naked has been a part of Kiva since 2011.