Author: Illya King
Cartoonist and creator of Totally Naked Man ( and The Schlub (

Another Jack Kirby homage cover.

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For a Wizard Magazine competition, Comrade Communism.

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An early version of Totally Naked Man Red and Blue.

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New Guidelines and Rating System for Mythos Imprint

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Moving Webcomics and Comics around.

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The first Totally Naked Man illustration, by Illya King

I found this image of Totally Naked Man while going through my image archives.

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Illya blogs about his final piece of work for Comic Wars.

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Illya blogs about adapting to a different style for Comic Wars.

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Jake Richmond with Modest Medusa.

Jake Richmond is a Portland indie comic creator. Illya King sat down with Jake to discuss his projects.

Short story by William Rail and Illya King

Cover to Shinsuke Takahashi

Shinsuke Takahashi is the first comic published through Mythos Imprint.

A change in subreddits update for Totally Naked Man the Webcomic.

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