Another Jack Kirby homage cover.

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For a Wizard Magazine competition, Comrade Communism.

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An early version of Totally Naked Man Red and Blue.

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New Guidelines and Rating System for Mythos Imprint

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The Schlub returns from the insane asylum and ready to draw comics again.

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Moving Webcomics and Comics around.

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The first Totally Naked Man illustration, by Illya King

I found this image of Totally Naked Man while going through my image archives.

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Mythos Imprint Shop has been reopened to the public.

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Illya blogs about his final piece of work for Comic Wars.

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Illya blogs about adapting to a different style for Comic Wars.

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Jake Richmond with Modest Medusa.

Jake Richmond is a Portland indie comic creator. Illya King sat down with Jake to discuss his projects.

Short story by William Rail and Illya King