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Unused Shinsuki Takahashi Cover

Lost cover to the Mythos Magazine project. Mythos Magazine was going to be the centerpiece of Mythos Imprint.

Lil Bunny Foo Foo

New Comic and News

The Comix Scene will debut a new comic Lil Bunny Foo Foo. Plus, Mythos Imprint Publishing news.

Team Naked Logo

Las Vencedoras Group

Will you join Team Naked in helping Las Vencedoras Group in Chinandega to pursue their dream?

Cover to Book 4

The revised cover to The Schlub Book 4.

Zetaman by Action Jason

Some awesome Fan-Art by a good friend of mine, Jack Brinatte.

Man-Man the Barbarian

A brief re-introduction to Man-Man, the strongest guy in the galaxy. Man-Man the Barbarian will come out this Friday.