Artist Alley Comic Fest PDX 2023

Artist Alley Comic Fest 2023 Poster
Artist Alley Comic Fest 2023 Poster

Illya King will be tabling at the Artist Alley Fest this Saturday at 11 am.

Our festival is a minimally curated event,¬†without assessment of aesthetic or narrative quality. Judgements for acceptance as an exhibitor are based on an artist’s ownership of their work, a prohibition of hate speech and advocation of violence, and a minimum approximation to the definition of “comics artwork.”

About the AACF

Mr. King will be selling Black and White sketches for $19.99 as well as many graphic novels and comics from Mythos Imprint.

Check out the Artist Alley Comic Fest this Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm at –

McDaniel High School

2735 Northeast 82nd Avenue Portland, OR


Admission is free for the public!

AACF Table Assignments 2023
AACF Table Assignments 2023
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