Mass Deletion

I cut some functions in the Comix Easel V.2 Plugin.

The biggest change is removing the Transcript option. Users were able to add their transcripts to a post. However, they needed to add a short code somewhere so the Transcripts would appear. This seemed redundant. Users can post their transcripts in the blog part of a comic post. So, this choice was removed.

I removed other options like adding HTML to the top and bottom of a comic post. This function did not work in my test themes. I removed the Multifunction option, the Add Flash comics, and Link to options. None of these options worked in with my test themes too.

I did check to see if the plugin generated any errors. I had a few issues that were fixed. I believe that the plugin will not generate any more errors.

Please check out the plugin. As always, give me a shout-out if there are any issues.


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2 Comments on “Mass Deletion

  1. Uh oh… “Adding HTML to the top and bottom of a comic post” is an essential part of my website involving hundreds and hundreds of “comic” type posts. In fact, it’s the biggest reason why I use it. Sadly, I won’t be able to use v2 if this is the case.

  2. I am sorry. Yeah, I could not get it to work with three mobile responsive themes. I believe the Adding HTML function works with the ComicPress theme. I cannot seem to get it to work with modern themes.

    If you are working with a child theme, could you not add the HTML that way? Or use the HTML widget in WordPress?