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From Ancient Greek μῦθος (mûthos, “report”, “tale”, “story”). A story or set of stories relevant to or having a significant truth or meaning for a particular culture, religion, society, or other groups.

Mythos Imprint self-publishes independent comics and webcomics. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Mythos Imprint’s mission is to create hand-crafted content backed by passion and love of sequential art. Our titles include The Schlub, Totally Naked Man the Webcomic, and Zetaman.

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The Schlub is on the phone with his mom. #schlublove #webcomics #comics #indiecomicsRead more ›

My Two Dads

Android Cop finds Totally Naked Man and iHero and needs help.Read more ›

Baby Steps

Junior bonks his head on a corner. #webcomics #comics #indiecomicsRead more ›

Run Away

Vega Bond runs for the consequences of his actions. Read more ›

Run Away

Vega Bond runs for the consequences of his actions. Read more ›


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Recent Updates

Team Naked is a new person via Kiva.org, Aminata.Read more ›

Grit City Comic Show

Last Saturday, Jake Richmond and I attended the Grit City Comic Show.Read more ›

The Comix Scene is a WordPress/BuddyPress Social Network. The mission of The Comix Scene is to teach webcomic creators how to use WordPress and Comic Easel, a plugin by Frumph. The Comix Scene is a sub division of Mythos Imprint, a small press indie comic company.
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